Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Match, Perhaps.

For my final project at RMSP I started on a series of flowers representing literary characters. I've been struggling to finish the series, but I am making progress.
I decided to start working on the counterparts for my flowers. Since flowers, on the whole, are not very "masculine," I began working with fall leaves. I'm still figuring it out, I honestly don't know if any of the "guys" will stay, but it's a step in the right direction... Well, it's a step anyway.





Still no boyfriends for these girls...



Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Here are a couple of an impromptu family photo session I took. Not too shabby for setting the self timer and running like a fool.

Pictures of my sweet nephew coming soon...

In the mean time, here are a few photos from some of our Hawaii fun...

The first two weeks I hung out with Leanne and Isaac (who is now 5 weeks!) and came to grips with the reality of life with a newborn baby. Leanne is an awesome mom. I was totally amazed at what a woman can do on an hour and a half of sleep. Night after night. It's unbelievable. I helped where I could, but she definitely bore the brunt of the late nights. Despite the sleep deprivation we had so much fun. Hours of laughing and talking about how cute Isaac is and each of us attempting to convince the other to move. Most of our sentences ended in, "...which is why you should move to Portland," or, "...and that's why you're moving to Maui."
I HATE saying goodbye to Leanne.

The last week McKay joined me and we had a fantastic time. This pond was the front of the resort that we stayed in. Leanne hooked us up majorly with dolphin cruises, snorkeling, luaus, and a resort to die for.

One of the perks of having a boat captain for a brother-in-law, when he needs to go to the bathroom he leaves you in charge of driving the boat.

I became seriously addicted to the lava flow. I've never known anything like it.

This was a total highlight for me-- on the way back from a dolphin cruise, where we saw eagle rays, spinner dolphins and spotted dolphins, we pretty much ran smack into a HUGE tiger shark, who for some reason, was sunbathing at the top in the middle of the ocean. Usually these guys stay pretty deep, but he was just kickin it at the surface. It was CRAZY to see a shark in the wild like this. So much better than watching the discovery channel...

More to come!

Monday, September 1, 2008

The things you do for your wife who is trying to build a portfolio...

To celebrate Labor Day, I dragged my dreamboat of a husband out and took some pictures. He's a cute boy.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

So now what?

It's been a little over a week since McKay and I have been back in Portland. It is good to be home, but I'm definitely experiencing some kind of adjustment period. I was a crazy, unpacking fool the first three days I was home. Organizing my summer stuff, as well as unpacking a new house. I actually really loved it. I'm used to getting up early and having a zillion things to accomplish in one day. But now that it's all slowing down, and I'm beginning to settle in, so is the fear and sadness. Fear because what the heck am I supposed to do with myself now. Sadness because I miss my photo buddies.

Photography can be pretty isolating, something that I hadn't experienced until now. I just spent 11 weeks, 12 hours a day with a large group of people who all pretty much shared my same goals. Same passion. And there's something really comforting about not knowing what to do and where to go with yourself when you're with 100 people who feel the exact same way. I met some fantastic people, who taught me way more than I realized at the time. Being home, being alone with my camera, I realize that now.

I had a fantastic time. I saw and did things that I never would have thought about doing outside of this experience. It gave me a chance to appreciate all of the great things in my life-- like a wonderful, supportive husband who I love madly. I realized a lot about myself, stuff I'd never known. I had moments of complete euphoria and moments of total defeat. I went to dog shows, rodeos, national parks, pow wows, bison refuges, ghost towns, and a thousand little places in between that probably wouldn't look like much, but turned out to be serious sources of inspiration for me. I promised myself that I would get the most out of this experience that I possibly could, and that when I left I wanted no regrets. I am happy that that this is the case. But I guess I didn't think about the "real world" after my little photography bubble. Now I've got to figure out and gear up for a whole new chapter.

It is good to be home. I missed my life here. It was a first and a last for leaving my family behind--dogs and husband accompany all long term trips in the future. I know this is just a transitional period and the rough spots will pass. And no matter what happens from here with my "career" in photography life will be happy and full. But seriously. Here's hoping that I can actually make a go at this.

Friday, August 15, 2008


-- I graduate from Rocky Mountain School of Photography.
-- I finish packing, cleaning and loading the car.
-- I leave my little bubble and go back to the real world.

I can't believe it's August 15th already...

Friday, August 1, 2008

But enough about Photography...

I'm taking the day OFF. That means, I'm not picking up my camera, and I'm not feeling guilty about it. Mostly because I have been a crazy picture taking/editing/analyzing fiend over the past few weeks, due to upcoming final projects. Culmination of self and technique and creativity. All rolled into one. A bit daunting at times. So I'm not doing it today.

I spent most of the day cleaning my bathroom and bedroom, folding laundry, eating gummy bears and watching Youtube. And again, NOT FEELING GUILTY.

So as I was watching Youtube, and mostly watching clips from some of my favorite shows and such, I started thinking about fictional characters, and how pathetic it is that sometimes I like fictional characters more than actual human beings. So I made a list of 5 of my would-be bff's if fiction were reality.

1. Elizabeth Bennett: This is a given, since she is one of the most dynamic female characters ever written. In my humble opinion. As an all knowing literary critic.
Liz and I would swap books and empire waist dresses. She wouldn't have to feel so out of place as an 18th century outspoken, sarcastic female, because I'd be right there with her. Definite bff's.

2. Pam Beesley: Pam and I would totally get along. Not to mention, she and Jim would be the perfect couple for McKay and I to double with. And as we are both aspiring artists, Pam and I share common interests. Plus, Pam is a little bit nicer than I am, so she'd be a good influence on me, I think.

3. Elaine Benes: On the other hand, Elaine would be someone that I could be on my worst behavior and feel completely comfortable with. And we would do fun things together, like go to art shows and the theater and people watch the entire time.

4. Princess Leia: I am all for intergalactic friendships. And being friends with a Princess would probably be pretty cool, too. Since she can fly a space ship and has political power, I really don't think there's anything that we couldn't do.

5. Sydney Bristow: I am a solid and faithful fan of Alias. At least the first to secondish seasons. And Sydney is hard core. I totally admire how she can kick butt. She would be my part time personal trainer, teaching me death grips and cool kicks, and the other half of the time we would hang out, probably go shopping. I'd have her show me where she buys all of her awesome disguises. I am in need of a pink wig that shapes my face and makes me look super hot. Besides that, she is loyal. If I were ever to be captured by terrorists, she would so fly half way around the world to save me. I could definitely use a friend like that.

So, there you have it. My five fictional sisters. I know you're now thinking about who yours would be...